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Our edibles are very popular among foodies, who look for high-end edibles and appreciate good food. To Gabriel’s Delights, edibles are an art. We take time and care in preparing our edibles. The edibles are handmade with locally sourced ingredients.

Everything we make is also available with 50mg of CBD instead of THC.

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Meet Canna Sugar: A Sweet Option

Cannabis-infused sugars present a tremendous benefit to medical cannabis users. They provide a sweeter option. You can use the sweet, somewhat nutty sugar in many edible products.
The sugars are easy to store. They have no smell. Sugars smell as innocent as they look.
Cannabis sugar has a long shelf life. It last longer than either raw or dried bud. And cannabis sugars don’t break down because of chlorophyll, air or light.

Canna Sugar
Add cannabis sugar to about anything! It acts like regular sugar in both taste and texture. The sugar itself has a little flavor besides the sweetness. You taste a slight hint of nuttiness. It is a perfect substitute for recipes. It is water-soluble, unlike butters and oils.
Use it as a sweetener in water, tea, coffee and other beverages.
Is being discreet important to you? Cannabis sugar is an excellent choice. It looks like regular sugar. Add it to your coffee, food or anything else you want. Another bonus is cannabis sugar is transportable. You can take it about everywhere you go.
This article is for interest. It is not a substitute for medical advice. As with all edibles, before using please consult with your family doctor.

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