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Our edibles are very popular among foodies, who look for high-end edibles and appreciate good food. To Gabriel’s Delights, edibles are an art. We take time and care in preparing our edibles. The edibles are handmade with locally sourced ingredients.

Everything we make is also available with 50mg of CBD instead of THC.

We accept mail order and e-transfer and Square™ payments.

Open Monday to Friday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Weekends 12 noon to 10 p.m.

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The Benefits of Cannabutter

Edibles are an exciting way to enjoy the effects of cannabis. People think of cookies or brownies when they hear mention of edibles. Yet there are many ways to infuse your meals with cannabis. Cannabutter is an excellent choice to infuse your meals.
Nothing compares to the rich flavour of quality butter. Cannabis infused butter is a delicious way to infuse your favourite meals.
Making cannabutter is a long process. Cannabinoids and other compounds are extracted from the flower into the butter. Our process makes these accessible to the body when you use/eat our edibles.
Gabriel Delight’s offers ready-made cannabutter for convenience.

Canna Butter
You can use cannabutter as a last-minute addition to creamy curries. Or, as the base for scrumptious cookie dough. Better yet, smear it on the insides of a simple grilled cheese sandwich.
Cannabutter is: • Flavourful • Works in sweet and savoury dishes • Inexpensive • High fat content supports potent edibles
The major downside to cannabutter is its fat and dairy content. If vegan, watching fat intake or intolerant to dairy, using cannabutter isn’t an option for you in edibles. Cannabis olive oil is an option! Remember that butter also has a low smoke point. High heat can spoil the flavour and effect of your edibles.
Next blog we talk about other infusibles offered by Gabriel’s Delights.

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