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Health Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Cooking

Cannabis-infused cooking is now mainstream. We no longer look at edibles as a Cheech & Chong storybook. People realize there are huge benefits of cannabis apart from getting stoned. There are entire cookbooks dedicated to this cuisine. If you aren’t cooking with cannabis yet, time to start. Here’s why.
Foremost, cooking with cannabis doesn’t always mean you have to get stoned. The primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis is THC, a cannabinoid. When the leaves remain raw and not aged the cannabinoid found in them is THCA, which isn’t psychoactive at all. THCA only becomes THC — the stuff that gets you high — after it’s aged or when exposed to heat. It’s a process called decarboxylation.
Many people incorporate raw marijuana and hemp plants into their diet. They take advantage of all the legitimate health benefits without getting high.
Raw cannabis leaves are excellent sources of certain vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Makes sense in that they are green leafy plants. Raw cannabis is high in
  • Vitamin K (essential for blood clotting)
  • Vitamin C (Essential for immune systems)
  • Iron (Essential for blood oxygenation)
  • Calcium (Essential for bones)
  • Folate (Essential for DNA repair)
Cannabis is super high in fiber. So, ass it to your diet if lacking.
It’s High in Antioxidants
Antioxidants are essential to our bodies. They protect us from stress. And other damage like blood vessel disease and cancer. They are our body’s only defense against “free radicals.” These reactive molecules that can wreak havoc on our bodies.
Raw or cooked cannabis is full of antioxidants that our bodies need. So, whether you’re infusing weed into brownies or juicing raw leaves —you get that benefit.  Truth is, smoking anything isn’t good. Inhaling hot smoke causes inflammation of the respiratory system.
Using marijuana in your cooking, yet, has none of the drawbacks as smoking. It introduces zero harmful carcinogens into the lungs. Consuming cooked marijuana has a different psychoactive reaction in your body than smoking it.
When you ingest marijuana orally, it is first metabolized by your liver. This turns it into a completely different THC than you get if you smoke it. This THC, 11-OH-THC, is more potent than regular THC (Delta-9THC). It leads to a more intense and longer-lasting high.
People who ingest marijuana experience a more intense and longer-lasting full-body high. They experience a high that lasts one to two hours.
Ingesting or cooking with marijuana is better if using the plant for pain relief.
It helps locate and neutralize the pain you’re suffering from. It will also provide more relief and for a longer duration of time.
On average, a high from oral ingestion can last anywhere from four to six hours.
Medical marijuana is proven to reduce nausea and help encourage appetite. One University of Guelph study found it effective in regulating nausea and vomiting.
The only issue with edibles is that they can take 90 minutes before they have an effect. They aren’t particularly useful for sudden and unpredictable bouts of it. Yet, if you know when to expect them marijuana is an excellent way to curb nausea and stomach pains. This is useful for things like menstrual cramps, after chemotherapy, etc.
The National Cancer Institute agrees cannabis is effective in helping nausea, loss of appetite, severe pain, the discomfort experienced from cancer treatment. Also, it can actually fight cancer.
In clinical studies researchers found that the cannabinoids in THC could isolate and actually drop cancer cells.
You can’t get these benefits from smoking because it’s impossible to smoke a clinical level of the needed cannabinoids. But, when made into concentrated oils, you can get the recommended dosage in a drop or two. Rather than ingest the oil on its own people will eat them with foods. For example cookies, brownies, veggies, and toast.
Note: This article is for interest only and not a substitute for medical advice. Please discuss the use of medical marijuana with your doctor prior. 

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